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Yosemite Village, near Yosemite Falls, is “operation central” for most visitors to Yosemite and always worth a visit for the excellent sandwiches at Degnan’s and to see what’s new at Ansel Adams Gallery as well as to get answers to questions at the Visitor Center.

Yosemite Village Parking

The huge day parking lot is just a short walk from shuttle stop #1 and a slightly longer walk to all the buildings in Yosemite Village. If you are only stopping by for a quick visit there is a 30-minute parking lot just outside the Village Store. Except in the summer the lot is not checked very often so you could get away with a bit longer and probably not get ticketed.

Yosemite Village Resources

Yosemite Village buildings are located in an arc along a wide paved walkway starting from the 30-minute parking lot.

The hours of operation of the various stores and services varies throughout the year and isn’t the same for all of them even at the same time of year. Expect to find one or more food services closed even in high season for refurbishing or other mysterious reasons.

Main Yosemite Village Shopping Complex

Yosemite Village Store

Yosemite Village Store

Most of the shopping at Yosemite Village is in a cluster of buildings next to the 30-minute parking lot.

This cluster includes The Yosemite Art Center (hands-on workshops), Sport Shop (outdoor gear), Village Grill (fried fast-food) and the well equipped Village Store.

The store has a wide selection of souvenirs and clothing as well as a very good grocery store.

Degnan’s Building

The Degnan’s Bakery was one of the earliest commercial food establishments in Yosemite and the name is still used for the excellent deli and pizza loft here. There is also a fast food burger shop and a “green” gift store with products made from recycled materials.

Yosemite Village Post Office

Next comes the huge Post Office. Check inside for any Yosemite special issue stamps and ask to see the Yosemite stamps themed t-shirts.

Wilderness Center

Get information about high-country hiking and other issues related to the rugged outdoors areas of Yosemite.

Ansel Adams Gallery

Ansel Adams is as much an icon of Yosemite as Half Dome. His spectacularly composed and detailed photographic prints of the area are highly prized works of art. The gallery has tasteful art objects, calendars, greeting cards, photo and guide books of the area and a small photography store. They also organize daily walking photo safaris of the nearby meadows. Always worth a visit.

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Yosemite Village Visitor Center

Yosemite Village Visitor Center

Yosemite Village Visitor Center

Souvenirs and books as well as rangers who can answer all your questions. An excellent nature walk-through explains just about everything about the nature of Yosemite in very clear dioramas and exhibits. Go out the back door and you’ll find the theater where a wonderful short movie about Yosemite is frequently shown.

Yosemite Village Museum

This small, fine museum has historical artifacts about Yosemite from the time of the Native American’s occupation of the area up to today. You may be treated to get to hear an ancestor of the original Native American inhabitants playing traditional songs on original instruments.

Indian Village

An authentic looking Yosemite native village has been reconstructed behind the Yosemite Village Museum with explanations of the various buildings and about life for the Native American’s living in Yosemite.

Yosemite Village Cemetery

A small cemetery is located a bit beyond the Museum where some of the early famous residents of Yosemite are buried. A guide to the graves is available in the Visitor Center.

Yosemite Village Medical and Dental Center

A short distance beyond the 30-minute parking lot on the road to the Ahwahnee Lodge is located a small clinic to treat minor medical problems.

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