Yosemite Entrance Fees

What Does it Cost to Visit Yosemite Park?

(These fees are accurate as of 2011. Check with the National Park Service’s Fees and Reservations web site for any changes.)

Yosemite Fees

You don’t need a reservation to visit Yosemite but you will almost certainly need a reservation to stay overnight in the park.

  • Private passenger cars, minivan, pickup or RV pay a $20 fee for 7 days use of the park.
  • Individuals under 15-years-old arriving by foot, bike, motorbike, etc. are FREE.
  • Individuals 15 and older pay $10 each when arriving by foot, bike, motorbike, etc.
  • Commercial vehicles need a special permit to enter Yosemite.
  • Commercial vehicles with up to 6 seats pay $25 plus $10 per person.
  • Commercial vehicles with 7-15 seats pay $125.
  • Commercial vehicles with 16-25 seats pay $200.
  • Commercial vehicles with 26 or more seats pay $300.

Entrance is FREE on these days (double-check with the NPR site):

  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
  • National Parks Week (mid-April)
  • First Day of Summer
  • National Public Lands Day (September 24)
  • Veterans Day
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Special Passes available when arriving at the park or by mail:

  • Yosemite Annual Pass for private vehicle and passengers: $40
  • America the Beautiful Pass (one year admission to all national parks and recreational lands): $80
  • Access Pass for permanently disabled US citizens: FREE
  • Senior Pass (lifetime admission to national parks for US citizens and permanent residents over 62) $10

Arch Rock Entrance Station

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