Tuolumne Grove of Giant Sequoias

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Tuolomne Grove

Tuolumne Grove

The Tuolumne Grove of Giant Sequoias in the northern end of Yosemite offers a bit less crowded, but also less accessible, opportunity to experience these magnificent trees than the Mariposa Grove near Wawona a the south end of Yosemite National park.

The parking lot for the Tuolumne Grove is less than a mile from the Crane Flat gas station on highway 120. From the parking lot you descend 500 feet in a little over a mile to the Tuolumne Grove of 25 Giant Sequoias.

There are nice signs describing what you are seeing as you wander through the dense forest. Notable are a tree with a tunnel cut through it in 1878 as well as a nearly 300 foot tall giant that is one of the tallest of all the Giant Sequoias.

Unless you really can’t stand crowds or have already seen the Mariposa Grove you may not want to bother with the Tuolumne Grove. There are far fewer trees in the Tuolumne Grove and you may not feel the time and energy required to get down to the trees is worth the effort.

There can still be significant numbers of visitors in mid-day, especially in the summer so come early for maximum solitude.

The paved road you walk down to the Tuolumne Grove  is very smooth and broad but too long and steep to be considered handicap accessible.

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