Sentinel Falls – Classic “Stairstep” Waterfalls

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Sentinel Rock, Yosemite National Park

Sentinel Rock

Sentinel Falls Yosemite

Sentinel Falls Yosemite

Sentinel Falls joins with Yosemite Falls as one of the 10 highest falls in the world, Sentinel being ranked at number 7 for its 2,000 foot total drop. However, it doesn’t carry nearly the volume of water as Yosemite Falls.

Sentinel Falls is near Sentinel Beach but you will need to find a spot farther away to really see this cascade. It also tends to be totally dry by the end of summer so get to Yosemite in the spring to fully appreciate it.

Actually, Sentinel Falls consists of six major drops with none over 500 feet and so according to some lists it doesn’t make the top ten of tallest falls. Sentinel is still very impressive to see in the early spring and shouldn’t be missed.

Just to the left of Sentinel Falls you shouldn’t miss the 7,038 foot high tower of Sentinel Rock.

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Map-Sentinel Falls Yosemite


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