Nevada Fall

Nevada Fall

Nevada Fall

Nevada Fall is the next fall in the Merced River along the Mist Trail after Vernal Fall.

Nevada Fall is 594 feet high and located just below Liberty Cap granite dome in the Little Yosemite Valley.

Nevada Fall has a unique bent look from the water freely falling for about the first third of its fall then striking an angled granite surface and continuing in a less vertical angle out over the rock.

This bend in Nevada Fall creates a great deal of turbulence and mist and lends a snowy white appearance to the water.

The Spanish word Nevada means “snowy” and is the main reason it was named Nevada Fall.

Couch potatoes will find the hike to Nevada Fall a good challenge so judge your own health and fitness before you head on to Nevada Fall from Vernal.

You will not enjoy your Yosemite holiday if your feet are blistered and your legs are aching from overexertion, but most healthy people will find the hike a rewarding and fun experience. As with all hiking in the Sierra Nevada use common sense to stay safe.

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Vernal & Nevada Falls

Vernal & Nevada Falls

Nevada Fall is about another 1.5 miles beyond Vernal Fall on the Mist Trail.

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