Mist Trail

Vernal Fall on the Mist Trail

Vernal Fall on the Mist Trail

The Mist Trail in Yosemite is probably the most popular serious hiking trail. The Mist Trail is not so long compared to most Yosemite trails at only 3 miles round trip but it takes the hiker past some of Yosemite’s most spectacular sights at close quarters.

To get here take the Valley Shuttle Bus to stop #16 or walk from Curry Village then proceed past the Nature Center at Happy Isles across the stone bridge and out along the obvious path.

The Mist Trail starts along boulders in the Merced River then angles up a series of possibly slippery stone steps past 317 foot, thundering Vernal Fall.

Beware in the Spring because you will no doubt be thoroughly soaked by the mist from Vernal Fall. Do you think that might have something to do with why it’s called the Mist Trail?

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In the Summer hoards of tourists crowd onto the trail, many without the stamina for the grade, slowing down movement to a miserably slow pace. Don’t even think about trying it on a busy Summer weekend if you value your safety and sanity.

Once they reach Vernal Fall more ambitious hikers can continue another mile and a half, and 1,000 feet of elevation, to Nevada Fall.

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