Housekeeping Camp

Housekeeping Camp Mini Faqs: 801-559-4884 or 801-559-5000, See reviews and rates Typical cost about $100/night. Operates spring to fall only.

Housekeeping Camp Yosemite

Housekeeping Camp Yosemite

A pleasant step up from camping on the ground is why many people swear by Housekeeping Camp. The 266 identical “rooms” consist of three concrete walls and canvas crowded together in a large cluster that in the crowded summer months looks a bit like a third-world slum.

If that sounds pretty dreadful you are right. What brings people back to Housekeeping Camp is the location and value.

You get a covered patio, table, chairs, mirror and electrical lights. There is an electrical outlet for your camp stove or coffeemaker. A fire grill is provided for making all the “smores” and burnt hotdogs you can eat.

In a pinch you can sleep up to 6 people in the cots and bunks provided in one of the rooms but that is tight.

Perhaps best of all you can park your car right next to your Housekeeping Camp unit and if you don’t want to bring your own sleeping bags and other gear you can rent linens, blankets, pillows, camp stoves, chairs, cribs and cots. You are also right next to a lovely sandy beach on the Merced River perfect for kids to play in the water.

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Merced River at Housekeeping Camp

Merced River at Housekeeping Camp

Although some units have nice views of the surrounding cliffs you will be very near your neighbors and clearly hear the traffic noise from a nearby busy road. Seriously, bring earplugs if you have any trouble sleeping.

Housekeeping Camp Store

Housekeeping Camp Store

Showers and restrooms are in communal buildings nearby as is a small grocery store and laundry center.

Bear boxes are provided and you need to use them to store all food when you are not eating. Bears do wander into the Valley floor from time to time and you don’t want to give them reasons to visit you.

All in all Housekeeping Camp is made for family fun and cost savings, not for comfort, much less luxury.

Think of Housekeeping Camp as an opportunity to have an adventure with your family in the great outdoors, and you will cherish the memories years later, as have countless other families before you.

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