Curry Village and Camp Curry in Yosemite Valley

Curry Village Mini Faqs: 801-559-4884 or 801-559-5000, See reviews and rates Typical cost about $80-$200/night. Operates year around.

Curry Village - Camp Curry

Curry Village - Camp Curry

Curry Village generally draws the most mixed reviews of any Yosemite accommodation. It is well located and has all the amenities you will need.

It also can exemplify the worst of a mid-summer Yosemite nightmare of noise and crowds.

If you are the nervous type where the out-of-doors are concerned then stay somewhere else as Curry Village is at the base of a sheer granite wall that is unstable and as recently as 2008 a large rock slide was close enough to force the closure of 200 of Curry’s cabins.

If you book very far in advance you might be able to get one of Curry Village’s better accommodations. There are 180 cozy but basic cabins and a few “specialty cabins” including some very nice units with private baths.

There are also 18 motel rooms with private bath but don’t expect any amenities. Just don’t get your hopes up as these units are constantly booked up far in advance.

You are much more likely to get one of the very basic tent/cabins. These marvels have a wooden floor but are otherwise just a canvas tent with electric light, a couple of beds, soap and towels and linens and blankets. The bathrooms require a walk and there are no electrical outlets.

Curry Village Tents

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Even worse is that you will probably have to park some distance away and many cabins are nearly touching their neighbors. There is absolutely no sound absorption in the tent walls so you get to hear every utterance, body sound and baby sob from your fellow residents. Bring earplugs if you ever want to sleep.

Bears have sometimes been a problem around Curry Village so the rangers strictly enforce the rules about leaving no food and nothing scented in your tent or automobile.

Bears seems to think that that cosmetics, sunscreen and toothpaste are food and bears are strong enough to rip the doors right off your car. Bear proof containers are provided at each site so be sure to use them.

In spite of all these limitations thousands of families enjoy their stay at Curry Village each year. Along with being about the cheapest way you are going to be able to stay in Yosemite Valley without sleeping on the ground you will have access to the cafeteria, bicycle and raft rentals, swimming pool, post office, amphitheater, store and pizza and full bar on the Pizza Patio.

Camp Curry Pizza Patio

Camp Curry Pizza Patio

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