Clark Range Viewpoint

Clark Range

On your way to Glacier Point look for the narrow pull-off looking out to the Clark Range. The pull-out is so narrow, and the drop so steep, that you may just want to slow down and have a quick glance out at the impressive view of the Clark Range from the road.

You will be able to see among other peaks in the Clark Range Mt. Starr King, an unusually shaped 9,092 foot dome in the foreground. Thomas Starr King was a well-known Unitarian minister who was an early visitor to the park, in the 1860s, and became one of the areas biggest promoters.

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Beyond Mt. Starr King is 11,522 foot Mt. Clark, the highest point in the Clark Range. Both Mt. Clark and the Clark Range are named for the first guardian of Yosemite, Galen Clark.

Actually, visiting and exploring the Clark Range takes several days of serious backpacking. Therefore the Clark Range is one of the less visited areas of Yosemite Park although it is also one of the most beautiful areas to see if you are up to the challenge.

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