Camp 4

Camp 4 Yosemite

Camp 4 is easy to ignore as you drive the Yosemite Loop Road toward the Arch Rock station to leave Yosemite. The ragtag collection of unremarkable tents and tired campers in Camp 4 gives no clue that this is one of the most revered spots in the World for rock climbers.

Camp 4 – Home of Climbing Gods

To climbers this humble “tent Ghetto” is as much a mecca as Base Camp at Everest and often referred to as the “home of the climbing gods”.

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It all began in the 1950s when some of the first modern rock climbers began to hone their craft conquering the sheer granite walls of Yosemite. Existing on meager incomes the determined pioneers living in Camp 4 created the culture and equipment that is now used world wide.

The reputation of Camp 4 spread along with the acknowledgement of the excellence of Yosemite as a premiere climbing location.

Camp 4 Almost Lost

The great flood in 1997 wiped away Camp 4 and the Park Service decided to “improve” the site by building employee housing on the location. The news was greeted with an outcry of indignation from climbers the world over and the Park Service was convinced to accept Camp 4 as an important site in the modern history of Yosemite.

Camp 4 was restore to its former grungy glory and it continues to be a global gathering place for the elite and the determined beginners of the world’s climbing subculture.

Today Camp 4 continues to be “the place” for the greats and wannabe greats to gather, learn and share the climbing experience.

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